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On October 5, 1894 the Bracebridge Village Council purchased a water power generating plant to supply electricity to the community and in so doing made Bracebridge the pioneer in municipal hydro-electric generation in Canada. The generator was 84 kilowatts and housed in the building which still stands at Bird’s Mill.

In 1911 the first Water, Light and Sewer Commission was elected. In 1972 it was changed to the Bracebridge Hydro-Electric Power Commission with sole responsibility for electricity distribution, generation and affiliated services. In the year 2000 these generation assets were incorporated under Bracebridge Generation Ltd., owned by the local municipalities and managed by a board of directors.

Services Executives
  • Generate environmentally friendly local electricity.
  • Promote the efficient use of electrical energy.
  • Maintain safety and operating standards for electricity generation.
  • Provide informative and instructional tours.
  • Maintain the historic richness of the facilities.
  • Expansion / Construction: Consulting, Supervision and Operations (day-to-day and turnkey).
W.C. Simmons 1895 – 1928
E. J. Ball 1928 – 1955
W. J. Page 1955 – 1972
E. Keall 1972 – 1985
R. Hogg 1985 – d
C. Litschko 1999 – Present                      




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